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Tribeca Pediatrics: On Call

Jan 11, 2024

Dr. TJ Gold discusses why toddlers use biting and hitting to communicate during their preverbal stage, and how to curb the behavior early on, before the problem escalates.

Nov 9, 2023

Dr. TJ Gold discusses what to do when you feel like your child is stuck in a cycle of colds, fevers, runny noses, and what symptoms are considered normal, versus those that might alert a red flag to a pediatrician.

Jul 12, 2023

Dr. TJ Gold covers tips and common traps around babyproofing your home, and how to teach safety awareness from an early age, as your little one grows up and starts to gain independence. 

Jun 8, 2022

In this special episode of Tribeca Pediatrics: On Call, Dr. TJ Gold speaks with author, trans-rights activist, mother of five, and Board Chair of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Jodie Patterson, who lends her experience on the joys and challenges of raising her trans-identified son, while offering guidance to...

Jan 19, 2022

Dr. TJ Gold addresses commonly asked questions to help parents adjust to COVID in 2022, with special guest and Pediatric Infectious Disease Expert, Dr. Jason Perlman.